Wellness Care

Here at Holistic Sarah PA, we offer a range of wellness care from Primary Care to Weight Loss and even Aesthetics!  

Primary Care: At Holistic Sarah PA, we are always open to taking in new patients for primary care needs. We offer a more holistic and alternative solution to any primary care issues  using functional medications. We have a charge of $50.00 per month for our primary care patients to ensure that you are able to be seen by Sarah Green-Frost.

Weight Loss: We also offer an injectable weight loss option! Using an injectable medication called Semaglutide, we are able to help people reach their weight loss goals! Semaglutide helps to increase insulin release and helps to reduce cravings. With the right diet plan and exercise, this injection has shown to be very effective!

Holistic Treatment Options: Here at Holistic Sarah PA, we offer a numerous amount of supplements to get your body back on track without the use of harmful medications. All of our supplements are natural and have shown to help with a variety of issues among our primary care patients. We get our supplements from a company located in New York who do not add arsenic, lead, cadmium, or mercury. You can view all the supplements that Sarah Green-Frost recommends if you click HERE !

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy: Hormones are an important part of your body that help to keep you feeling great! We offer treatments of bioidentical hormones with a quarterly charge of $350.00 that covers all lab slips that Sarah Green-Frost prescribes, all appointments whether it is for the Hormone Replacement Therapy or for an illness or physical, and it also covers the fee to order the bioidentical hormones.

House Calls: Sarah Green-Frost offers house calls for all patients who are too sick to get out of bed or who need help immediately. Although house calls are rare, Sarah will go immediately to help you when you are in a critical condition.

Aesthetics: We are now offering an array of aesthetic options for our patients. We are offering Jeaveau, Dermal Filler, Collagen and Exosome facials, as well as hair restoration. If you would be interested in any of these options, please click HERE to learn more.

What People Says About Us.

Forget those expensive facials that freshen your skin for a day or two. If you want a lasting fresh, younger look, talk with Sarah Green. Sarah magically transformed my face, in one sitting, using Filler and Jeuveau. She was able to plump my lips, lift my cheeks, reduce my crepey skin, and soften my wrinkles in other areas. My friends are amazed at the transformation, as am I! I am definitely going to make this part of my routine in the future!


–  Joanie