Medical-Grade Treatments

Here at Holistic Sarah PA, we want you to look and feel the best that you can! We offer a range of medical-grade treatments from your face to your hair and even for erectile dysfunction!

Jeuveau (Botox): A very common and highly desired medical-grade treatment that we offer is Jeuveau. Jeuveau is a neurotoxin and wrinkle reduction that has similar effects as Botox. Both Botox and Jeuveau have the same main active ingredient that helps to alleviate harsh lines. Many people notice longer lasting results when using the Jeuveau and enjoy the fact that it is cheaper than the Botox brand. Jeuveau is known to help smooth frown lines on the face. The process is quick with a brief consultation in which you will talk with Sarah Green and discuss where you would like to get the product and how many units you are needing to see results. If you are wanting to get rid of those pesky lines and want a smooth clean look, give our office a call today to schedule!

Dermal Filler: Dermal fillers are injections that are placed nonsurgically under the skin. Dermal fillers are used to help restore lost volume to a sagging face, smooths lines and crevices in the face, and helps to plump up and contour the face. When you come in to get dermal filler, you are able to see results almost instantly! The process is quick with a brief consultation in which you will talk with Sarah Green and discuss where you would like to receive the filler and how much filler you are needing to see positive results. If this sounds like what you have been looking for, please give our office a call to discuss and schedule!

Collagen and Exosome Facials: Here at Holistic Sarah PA, we have a machine that opens your pores to 70 times their original size and helps to drive any product you want into those enlarged pores. This machine is called the DEP machine. Both the collagen and Exosome facials are given with the DEP machine. The collagenizing treatment is a process of getting pure collagen driven into your face for a course of one treatment per week for six weeks to receive the best results. Many people who proceed with the collagenizing treatment notice that their wrinkles are reduced and that their skin becomes less dry. We also offer an Exosome facial. This facial is given with the DEP machine and helps to drive a product called Exosomes into your skin. The Exosomes are tiny packets of bioactive ingredients, such as cord blood, that help to aid in restoring your face and body back to a youthful complexion. For the Exosome facial we recommend a course of 3 treatments spaced a month apart from each other. Many patients see an increased improvement of the appearance of their skin such as their skin tone, reduced signs of aging, and fading of scars and unwanted blemishes.

Hair Restoration using Exosomes: Hair loss can be a big confidence breaker, however we now have an option that will restore hair for anyone who has thinning or lost patches of hair. We use the DEP machine with Exosomes to help stimulate hair growth. The Exosomes use natural growth factors from the human body to help stimulate and regenerate new healthy hair. Exosome hair therapy can be used for both men and women and is a new cutting edge stem-cell hair loss treatment. The treatment process would be the same as the Exosome facial of one treatment every month for three months. If you have been battling with thinning or patchy hair, give us a call to get your confidence and hair back!

Erectile Dysfunction and Exosomes: If you suffer from erectile dysfunction we have a solution for you! We offer treatments using our DEP machine to help treat erectile dysfunction. At Holistic Sarah PA, we drive Exosomes into the skin which help deliver many components that can regulate gene expression as well as help target signaling pathways. Stem-cell derived Exosomes help to improve erectile function by activating the NO/cGMP. If you’re struggling with erectile dysfunction, then give us a call and schedule an appointment today!

Medical-Grade  Treatment Live Examples


1 Predictive Permeation treatment using NEO Perfect.


3 Predictive Permeation treatments using NEO Perfect with the addition of RF Thermismooth to follow.


6 Predictive Permeation treatments using NEO Perfect and NEO Brilliance Serum.


3 Microneedling treatments over 3 months using NEO Vital Exomsomes and NEO Ideal serum.


3 Predictive Permeation treatments using NEO Vital Exomsomes and NEO Ideal serum.

What People Says About Us.

Forget those expensive facials that freshen your skin for a day or two. If you want a lasting fresh, younger look, talk with Sarah Green. Sarah magically transformed my face, in one sitting, using Filler and Jeuveau. She was able to plump my lips, lift my cheeks, reduce my crepey skin, and soften my wrinkles in other areas. My friends are amazed at the transformation, as am I! I am definitely going to make this part of my routine in the future!


–  Joanie